Welcome to my writer profile and thank you for making it to my 'About' section. 📚

The picture above is of the Charles River in Boston, a city where I have spent the better part of my adult life. I went to school at MIT, the school along the river and I am doing my Ph.D. at Northeastern University, the school across the river into the city.

I grew up in suburban Bangladesh with a large number of family members, lots of time close to the land and amidst nature, and read a ton of books growing up. Many of my adventures into the world and minds of people happened through books. It inspired me to be a storyteller, narrator, and word weaver myself. 🖋️

I view the complexities and struggles of life as growth opportunities and adventure. It may have been a coping mechanism for the young girl who moved first to a large, chaotic city and then to a wildly foreign country but now it only brings inspiration for writing.

On Medium, I found myself among other storytellers, dreamers, teachers, and adventurers. It was very easy to get totally enthralled by the world of writers to share my thoughts on perpetual growth, navigating challenges, taking care of mental health, and the mysteries and adventure life has to offer. 📖

Writing is my way of reaching out to the world and sharing the little memories I accumulate and questions I explore. I am thrilled to welcome you to my blog.

You, the person that is on the other side of a screen reading this note from their device, and I am quite alike in the way that we both enjoy taking little trips through the world wide web in search of novel perspectives, mysteries, and thoughtful stories. I am sure you will find some of that in my blog.

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Tamanna I. Urmi

Eclectic writer delving into mental wellness, fitness and growth, adventure, and math musings. South Asian in the US. MIT'16 and current NEU Ph.D. student.